Barn Style Double Garage with Loft 20 x 22

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Barn Design Double Garage with Loft PLANS 20 by 22


Why pay $100 or more for plans?

Get our detailed large format plans and get started!

This design incorporating a barn style loft make this garage perfect for semi urban and rural properties. This design offers two 8 by 7 garage doors as well as 36″ access doors on each side. There’s enough space at the rear to add a staircase for easy access to the 13 by 22 loft area.

These are our LARGE FORMAT plans that are on 11″ by 17″ sheets.

The plans are permit ready in most municipalities and include:

Full Construction Plan
Roof Plan with front loft window
Side Elevation
End Elevation
Recommended Layout Plan Recommended Electrical Plan for 100
ampere service
Recommended Plumbing Plan

Our 11 by 17 format are the largest practical size that you can get copied locally for a nominal cost. All diagrams are to scale with full dimensions detailed in every diagram. Our design will enhance the value of any rural or urban property. Customers have built cabins, garages and sheds according to our plans since 1978!

Project skill level: Intermediate