"Cat Craft Collection 10020",


“Cat Craft Collection 10020”,


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“Cat Craft PLANS – 9 In Collection

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These cute craft projects for cat lovers make a wonderful gift! Plenty of time to make them for your friends and family, or make them for yourself! These darling little creations are also great money makers at flea markets, craft stores and church sales. These are my 9 favorite cat craft projects. They’re also great little projects for the kids too!

In these plans, you get full sized paste together templates so that you can cut out the patterns from pine or plywood, using a jig saw or hand saw. They’re fun to make for the whole family. The collection includes:

1. Cat Clock – get an inexpensive quartz time piece from the dollar store and make this cute clock for the kitchen. Paint them different colors and sell them for $20 a piece or more. The plans include also full sized pattern of the clock face that you can print and glue to the pattern.

2. Cat Cutting Board – Glue this nifty board out of alternating colored wood and either make a functional cutting board or hang it on the wall!

3. Cabinet Cat Silhouette – Use this pattern to make a striking cat silhouette in white, black or any color you wish. The cat can sit on the side of a cabinet, or on the frame of a door. A real striking accent. Make a few of them!

4. Cat Napkin Holder – Part of a whole kitchen collection, the napkin holder remains among the top favorites. Great little project to add character to the kitchen table.

5. Cat Paper Towel Holder – A perfect companion to the napkin holder. And since the little cat sits by himself, you can take the towel holder anywhere.

6. Cat Key Rack – A colorful key rack you can hang on the wall by your entrance.

7. Cat Door Stop – You can make this pattern and paint it any color you like. A great door accent and you can pick it up by the cat’s tail!

8. Cat Wall Letter Box – Let the cat keep your letters organized and stored in a known place!

9. Cat Message Board – Make this cute message board for the family. Make a space where the cat holds a message pad, and tack written messages to the board. The little cat screams “”Message!””.

You get full sized patterns that you can print on your printer using legal sized paper. Oversized patterns simply paste together. Whether you wish to make gifts, sell them or get the family involved in some crafts. you’ll have fun making these 9 cat lover’s favorites.

Project Skill Level: Beginner

Special Bonus: Included with the plans is a bonus set on how to make a multi level cat scratch pad and tower, in case you actually have a cat!”,

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