"Children's Boat Playhouse PLANS"


“Children’s Boat Playhouse PLANS”


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Children’s Boat Playhouse PLANS
6 by 10 with Sail Mast

Buy our plans and build the ultimate play center for your kids!

Build this cute little Boat Playhouse and provide hours of fun in the safety of your own backyard under your supervision for your children and their friends.

Children can pass though the main door at the rear and play inside the hull or climb on top of the deck 4 feet above the ground. The Boat Playhouse features an inside play area, ladder stairs to deck and upper rear deck. The Playhouse is approximately 10 feet long by 6 feet wide.

Add your child’s name to the hull and design a flag too. Get ready for adventure on the high seas!

Our detailed plans include:

-All frame angle cuts and dimensions
-Easy construction from sheet plywood
-Mast Flag and faux rigging
-Suggested faux finishing instructions to create an antique galley look

Project Skill Level: Intermediate

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