Children's Bridge Playhouse


Children’s Bridge Playhouse


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Children’s Bridge Playhouse

Here’s a great little playhouse that will be the focal point of any backyard for hours and hours of safe fun for your children and their friends. There’s an eight foot bridge with rails situated a safe one foot above the ground for your tots to play on. The bridge design features two 5 foot high towers with a steeple type roof. The steeple type roof peaks at a height of 8 feet with 4 foot sidewalls.The playhouse is built on two 6 by 6 pressure treated foundations, with inexpensive spruce siding in a tongue and groove configuration.

Our detailed plans include:

-All frame angle cuts and dimensions
-Foundation frame and roof instructions
-Design for the 8 foot bridge
-Suggested finishing instructions

You can finish the bridge steeples as shown with a faux stone finish!

Project Skill Level: Intermediate

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