Children's Convertible Playhouse With deck

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Children’s Convertible Playhouse With deck

$18.99 $9.99

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PLANS – Children’s Convertible Playhouse With deck

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Here’s a great little 6 by 6 playhouse that will be the focal point of any backyard for hours and hours of safe fun for your children and their friends. There’s also a 4 by 6 deck on the front with side rails. The steeple type roof peaks at a height of 8 feet with 5 foot sidewalls. In the scaled plans, there’s a section on how to theme your playhouse. You can add the optional cupola and make it a schoolhouse with a bell, a firehouse with a bell, or even add a clock tower. There’s a 5 foot high door on the front. under a hinged round window.

Here’s the beautiful part! What happens as the kids get older, too big to play in the playhouse? The extra long handle on the front makes it easy for either a child or a grown up to open the door. But the round window above is hinged. Turn the latch downward and instantly, the window latches into the top of the door, and now we have a 2 piece door that is 6’3″ high. Enough headroom for anybody to get into the little building, that you can now use for the kids bikes, skateboards, sports equipment or lawn equipment. Now you can have a playhouse that converts and grows with your family and always remains useful!

The playhouse is built on a 6 by 10 pressure treated foundation, with inexpensive spruce siding in a clapboard configuration.


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